The $12 Dry Face Mask from Velvet Report You’ll Want to Stock Up On!

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Sheet masks have been all the rage in the skincare community for the last several years. But, they can be tricky for most of us. They typically don’t fit the face well, dry out quickly, and are pricey for a one-time use. Now meet the dry sheet face mask craze that is starting to pick up a lot of traction in the community. There are a few brands that are doing them (and doing them well), but at a high cost. Now you can meet the $12 Dry Face Mask from Velvet Report.


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Dry Face Mask ($12, 2 uses from each mask)  Our dry face mask is highly concentrated in active ingredients to bring you nourished and healthier looking skin. Made with plant-based ingredients without preservatives, parabens, GMOs, allergens, phenoxyethanol, and fragrance.”

Vegan & Cruelty-Free


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My Thoughts: I used this mask twice and both times my skin was left so soft and hydrated. I applied the mask to clean, dry skin and used a rose quartz roller to activate the ingredients. The experience was SO pleasant and I didn’t have to lay flat while masking like I do with most sheet masks. I haven’t found a sheet mask that plays well with facial hair or that fits my face properly. This mask however, met all of my needs! I think that if have dry skin you would benefit from this mask especially. There are others on the market that are much more expensive. I like that Velvet Report made a quality dry sheet mask that we can wear while doing anything. I also appreciate the fact that the mask is vegan and cruelty-free! There was no offensive scent to the mask and when removed there was no residue or anything to clean up or rinse off– mega plus! I think I will have these on handy for winter and also for when my skin needs an extra boost of nutrients or a glow boost before an event!


*Product was gifted by brand. I am under no obligation to speak of the product in any way. All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.

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