April 2018 Favorites.


Another month, another favorites post! I am so glad that the response to these posts have been so positive. I love hearing your feedback and I feel like blog posts are a much more personal place for me to communicate with you all. I know that some people prefer seeing these types of posts on Instagram, but for me I feel like blog posts allow for more detail and better reference. I also am glad that many of you have said you enjoy my little notes on why the product made my favorites.


PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream by COSRX  (1.69 oz $25) I have been loving this moisturizer so much. It has 3% PHA, coconut extract, and niacinamide. Leaves the skin moisturized and dewy. This is a non-greasy formula, which I appreciate. Also, there really isn’t much of a scent which I also appreciate.

GinZing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer by Origins (1.7 oz $28.50) Ok, so this is an old favorite that I reach for during the warmer weather months. It lays nicely under SPF during the day and at night I like it over an oil/serum. It does have a strong scent so beware of that if you are sensitive to fragrance. However, the entire GinZing line by Origins is amazing and my skin loves it all. This would great for someone with normal/oily skin year round!

Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser by Elemis (5.0 oz $49) This is a super deep cleansing cleanser but its so nourishing with the thick creamy texture. My skin feels extremely clean after but not stripped at all. It smells very spa-like (lavender, ylang-ylang, orange, and patchouli). I love to use this as my second cleanse and leave on for 1-2 minutes then rinse. I have also used it in the morning when I feel like I do need to cleanse in the A.M. (usually just use a micellar water)

Black Tea Age-Delay Body Cream by Fresh (6.7 oz $68) Ok, so yes this is a luxury item. But, don’t we all deserve a little luxury in our lives? Yes. Yes, we do. This body cream smells amazing and it actually works so well for my dry skin. It is like a cocoon for the skin. It has a black tea complex that makes skin soft and supple while it nourishes.

Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner (8.4 oz $44) I have fallen madly in love with this toner. It is so soothing and nourishing for my dry skin. I like to apply it to my hands and gently pat into the skin after cleansing. It soothes and keeps my skin so calm. It contains rose fruit extract, rosewater, angelica leaf extract, and hyaluronic acid.


AURA Room+Body Spray by Sigil Scent (3.4 oz $40) If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am obsessed with Sigil Scent. The fragrances are absolutely stunning. I love AURA, I literally use this daily on my linens and to freshen up any rooms that need it. The key notes are : Agarwood, Palo Santo, and Grapefruit. Truly unique and truly impressive.

Honey-Infused Hair Oil by Gisou (3.4 oz $90) Honestly, what more can I say about this product other than I love it. It makes such a big difference in my hairs texture. My hair feels so strong and healthy when I apply this. It is worth every penny. I find that the texture is more of a serum than an oil. The scent…… out of this world. So gorgeous.

Rose Tonic by Pixi (3.4 oz $15) My skin gets on really well with Pixi so I was excited to try this toner. It really seems to help with redness and dryness. It is alcohol free, which I truly appreciate. This is definitely a great affordable option for a rose toner. I also love that it is travel-friendly.

Mega Mist Hyaluronic Acid Toner by BYBI (1.69 oz $36) I have been using this mist like crazy since I got it. It is 100% vegan, natural, and cruelty-free. The first ingredient is rosewater. It also has algae, pomegranate, lactic acid, and aloe to name a few. Gorgeous mist to keep in the refrigerator and apply throughout the day!

Mini Dry Shampoo by OUAI (1.4 oz $12) So, yes this made my list again. I can’t get over how good this stuff is. I use it on days I don’t shampoo. I will apply this to my roots and then brush out after about 1-2 minutes. My hair feels, looks, and smells like it was just washed! Obsessed. Hooked. Winner. Did I mention it smells like heaven?


DEW Skin Perfecting Essence by Circ-Cell (4 oz $60) Packed with amino acids, aloe, witch hazel, and lactic acid, this essence delivers a big punch. It is seriously like a surge of moisture to the skin. It does not irritate the skin at all, it actually soothes my skin. I love using this right after cleansing.

Coconut Body Oil by Herbivore Botanicals (4 oz $36) This body oil is stunning. It contains Fractionated Coconut Oil, Orchid, Camellia, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Vanilla, and Jasmine. I love using this after a shower on damp skin and then topping it off with a body butter/lotion. It is so nourishing to the skin but not greasy at all. It sinks right into the skin.

Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask by REN (1.69 oz $56) It’s no secret I adore acids. My skin really responds well to acids so I use them often. However, sometimes they can irritate my skin. This mask has been amazing for my skin. It has a cocktail of four AHA’s ; glycolic from pineapple, lactic from passion fruit, citric from lemon, and tartaric from grape. My skin feels so smooth and looks so bright after using this mask.

ADA Candle by FRASSAI (8.5 oz $60) This candle is so gorgeous; gardenia, jasmine, freesia, white violets, and dewy green leaves. It smells like a lush green floral garden of everything delicate in the world. I love that it does not smell synthetic at all. The founder is also a true joy, you can tell she puts a lot of passion into her brand and products.

Rose Day Cream by Dr. Hauschka (1 oz $45) I have heard of DR. Hauschka over the years but never tried anything from the brand until now. I have been loving this cream. It is so soothing and nourishing for my skin (theme here, right?). It melts into the skin and feels like its locking in moisture. It does have shea butter, so beware if that is something you want to avoid. This seems to really calm red/irritated skin.

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