March Favorites.


March is finally over and I am excited to bring to you all my March Favorites! I have really been falling in love with quite a few new things!  I cannot wait to share with you what they are and a brief explanation why they made it into my March favorites! I did not put any thought into the product type this month. I literally just looked at everything and grabbed the items I have been reaching for most often and loving!

Please note that any product with an ‘*’ indicates that the product was gifted by the brand/PR (or a friend!), and in no way does that sway my opinion of the product. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 


Honey Infused Hair Mask* by Gisou (6.8 oz $60) This stuff is gooood. Like, insanely good. Like, holy grail status good. The first time I opened the jar I feel in love with the scent. The first time I used it I could tell immediately that it had done something amazing to my hair the moment I applied it. When I rinsed it out I felt like I was touching someone else’s hair. I also appreciate that it is paraben, silicone, sulfate, and cruelty-free!

Honey Infused Hair Oil* by Gisou (3.4 oz $84) Equally as beautiful as the hair mask, the hair oil delivered results. I apply this to damp hair and let air dry. I find that this oil is more like a serum (it’s super thick and goopy). It does not leave the hair greasy or oily AT ALL. It smells amazing and tames the hair. My hair feels and looks stronger and healthier since using this. I am hooked. Genius product.

Toothbrush by Boie USA ($12) I use a sonic cleansing tool to cleanse my face that is made of silicone bristles. I was using it one night and thinking ‘this would be neat if they made a toothbrush like this’. I googled it– and they do. I decided to go with the Boie USA one because it was not sonic. I have read that the sonic technology in the toothbrushes was irritated and uncomfortable for some people. These toothbrushes are great for sensitive gums, 100% recyclable, antimicrobial, BPA-free, and made in the USA! I have really been loving this toothbrush– and you can buy a replacement head for $5! (use code TEN for 10% off). 

Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment* by Josie Maran (1 oz $56) This was gifted to me by a friend who knew that I had tried a sample and loved it. I have been so obsessed with this product. I starts out as a thick white milk and then just sinks immediately into the skin. It is just so soothing and nourishing to the skin. My skin absolutely just drinks it up immediately. I love it under the eye area especially. It keeps that area so hydrated. This serum actually pairs purified water with micro-droplets of argan oil so that the penetration is deeper. I love that this serum is not sticky or tacky at all, big plus for me!

Vitamin C Paste by LIXIR (1.69 oz $44) I purchased this from Cult Beauty in the UK and was very pleased with the fast shipping and delivery! I saw Trinny Woodall talk about this product on her YouTube so I decided to give it a try… and I am so glad I did! It contains 10% L Ascorbic Acid and you can really smell it immediately. It starts out as a gel but once you massage it into the skin it turns white and creamy. I have found that using this just about every day has really helped my skin texture and clarity. I love massaging into my skin in the morning and leaving on for a few minutes. I will definitely repurchase this! Oh, and hi cute packaging!

Cold Cream Cleanser* by Kate Somerville (3 oz $48) I have done a full blog post on this product– so obviously I am a fan. But, I really just appreciate the moisturizing qualities of this cleanser. It is so gorgeous for dry and sensitive skin. I truly have fallen in love with this tub of goodness!


The Sweet Clay Lip Mask* by Sara Happ (0.47 oz $32) This product has completely transformed the texture of my lips. I do have fuller lips so I am constantly using scrubs and balms on them as they can tend to get dry often if I do not take care of them. I tend to use this mask 3-4 times a week at night. I will apply it to my lips after using a lip scrub and let it sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse off. It leaves my lips so smooth and supple. I now know why Sara Happ is THE Lip Expert!

Red Ginsing Line Smoothing Eye & Lip Cream* by Nyakio (.044 oz $39) This product has been such a surprise favorite. First of all, the founder has the most gorgeous skin! I am also so happy with the fact that it is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde, butylene glycol. This eye cream is super rich and it totally moisturizes the eye area like no other. It contains potent red ginseng, shea, baobab, prickly pear, and coffee. This has quickly become one of my favorite nighttime eye creams, ever!

Nudesse Holographic Candle by Overose (6.5 oz $67) So, I purchased two Overose candles from The Stell and I am super impressed with not only the stunning packaging but the scent and throw. These are obviously a higher end candle, but they deliver! The brand is cruelty-free, which is a big plus for me. Out of the two I got I have fallen in love with Nudesse the most. It is a combo of Roses & Rain. It is just the most stunning scent. It smells so natural and gorgeous. Like how you would imagine it would smell to walk through a rose garden on a hot summer day. It is very earthy and natural. Nothing artificial at about the scent at all. I am hooked & shook.

Facial Radiance Pads* by First Aid Beauty (60 pads $30) So these are a gentle exfoliation option for those with sensitive skin or just starting out with acids. They combine lactic and gylcolic acids with aloe vera, greent tea, and hyaluronic acid. I actually cut the pads in two because I find that half is enough for my face, ears, neck, and back of hands. I also leave it on for 3-5 minutes then rinse with cool water. They are perfectly fine without rinsing but I just find that for me, it works best this way. I use stronger acids throughout the week so rinsing is ideal for me to avoid over-exfoliating.  These leave the skin so smooth and supple.

Ginger & Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask* by First Aid Beauty (4 oz $32) This mask has been such a surprise love of mine. I love that they have combined ginger, turmeric, and vitamin c in a mask. I really appreciate that the mask is also alcohol-free. I have dry skin and this mask is so soothing, refreshing, and really seems to calm my skin. I find that using it twice a week really helps to keep it looking brighter (I do use some form of vitamin c daily).  Tip: Keep it in the fridge for an extra refreshing masking experience!

Bali Virgin Coconut Oil* by Sahasra (8 oz $19.99) Now, before we even proceed; no I do not use this on my face. I love coconut oil if it is quality. This coconut oil is such a nice quality. It is raw and not harvested with heat, so the quality is maintained. I use this for my body daily after a shower when the skin is warm and slightly damp. I also use it as a hair mask weekly with a dollop of the coconut oil and a drop of rosemary essential oil to help stimulate hair growth. There is no emulsifiers, fragrance, chemical solvents, GMOs, and it has not been refined, bleached, or deodorized.


Nourishing Cleaning Balm* by Pixi (3.04 oz $20) Is it obvious that I love cleansing balms? Didn’t think so. I really love this balm for when my skin is feeling super dry. It does feel very waxy, just FYI. I would never use this on its own. It has to be followed up with a second cleanse, in my opinion. However, that doesn’t stop me from using it since I always do a double-cleanse at night. It has sweet almond oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. I would say if you have acne prone skin, I would probably stay away from this one. I would think it might be too rich and heavy for easily-clogged skin.

Come Clean Cleanser* by ASARAI (2.5 oz $29.95) If you follow me on Instagram you have seen my rave about this one. It is such a magical cleanser– I am obsessed. It is a thick gel to milk cleanser. I like to apply it to dry skin and leave it on as a mask for a few minutes before adding water and massaging into the skin. It has kakadu plum (most potent plant based form of vitamin c), sunflower seed oil, and linden flower (antioxidant).

Artless Glow Base SPF50* by Heimish (1.35 oz $22) OBSESSED. This is described as a 2-in-1 makeup primer and SPF. It just makes your skin look better. I like to apply this under a tinted moisturizer (rarely wear them but when I do this seems to really give me a mega-glow). It just seems to blur and brighten the skin. There is not any super crazy shimmer or anything at all. I also love that is has SPF 50!

Mini Dry Shampoo* by Ouai (1.4 oz $12) So not only is this a fantastic dry shampoo, but it smells AMAZING. This will refresh your hair like no other. Seriously, the scent just instantly make me happy. I love that there is no parabens or talc in this and it is cruelty free. If you do not shampoo daily ( I do not) then this is a great dry shampoo option for you to consider. I actually like to call this a dry shampoo and hair perfume in one. Trust me, you will love it.


Kate Somerville Just Made Cold Cream Cool Again.

IMG_4285 (1)

Cold cream has actually been around for centuries. But, arguably it was made most famous by Ponds in the 1800’s. However, it’s 2018 and leave it to beauty industry icon Kate Somerville to bring back cold cream. Not only has she done it, but she has done it well.

Cold Cream Facial Cleanser+Makeup Remover (3 oz $48) Described as a “luxuriously whipped, lightweight facial cleanser that gently removes all dirt, oil and stubborn makeup while leaving skin soft and moisturized.” And that it does. This cold cream cleanser feels like you’re massaging a luxurious moisturizer into your skin. It removes all traces of makeup without stripping the skin. If you have dry skin especially you will appreciate it. If you have normal/oil skin then you probably won’t even feel the need to apply a moisturizer when using this. I would still suggest a toner/mist and serum though.

Let’s take a look at the full ingredients list:

Aqua/Water/Eau, Tridecyl Stearate,Tridecyl Trimellitate, Stearyl Alcohol, Dipentaerythrityl Hexacaprylate/Hexacaprate, Steareth-2, Steareth-21, Undecane, Propanediol,Tridecane, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract, Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Flower/Leaf Extract, Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract, Honey Extract, Tocopherol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Polyacrylate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Parfum/Fragrance, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Benzoate, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Benzyl Salicylate

One thing I love about this is that it has a light floral scent, which is actually quite nice. It doesn’t smell like perfume or anything. Just like a light, fresh garden in the spring.

The texture I feel like is going to be super appealing to a lot of people. It’s a whipped texture but it still holds that rich cold cream feel that many people love and adore.


I find that this works best when applied to dry skin. I will then massage it into the skin for 60-90 seconds. It feels so good on the skin. It has such a great slip to it without being waxy at all. I then remove with a wet muslin cloth and follow up with my second cleanse. What I appreciate most about this cleanser is that it does not leave a film on your skin at all like a lot of balm/oil/cold cream cleansers can tend to do. If you are someone who is in a hurry then you will truly appreciate this one for not needing to do a second cleanse after. I also really love the use of honey and floral extracts in the formulation. It not only provides a gorgeous scent but I find that honey is one of the ingredients my skin loves the most.


Interview with MASS EDEN Founder T.L. Robinson.

MASS EDEN Founder TL Robinson.

T.L. Robinson is a woman to admire for many reasons. She started a green, uni-sex skincare line called MASS EDEN. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her since I have been a writer for the MASS EDEN Blog since last year. Not only is she intelligent, but she also cares for peoples well-being. Her story and the story behind MASS EDEN are anything but ordinary. Coming from a finance background, TL successfully launched MASS EDEN. TL has kindly answered a few questions for my blog and I am so excited for everyone to get to know the woman behind MASS EDEN.


What is your background prior to starting MASS EDEN, and did you always want to start your own body care line?

I was working in management in the finance industry for a Fortune 100 company when I started my research for creating MASS EDEN. I’d been in the industry for almost 15 years before taking my leap of faith into the green beauty space. The skills gained during this time have definitely helped me get the company up and running and gain strong footing early on.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would own a body care line. When I was younger, I actually wanted to be buyer for a clothing or home brand – this has always been a dream job for me. So, I thought my next “professional life” would be in textiles. But, life threw me a major curve ball with a health issue. I stepped up to the plate and swung by starting MASS EDEN.


Do you recall the moment you decided to start MASS EDEN?

Getting seriously ill a few years back changed the focus and priorities for my life. I don’t remember saying to myself that I wanted to start a company. It was more in the space of doing lots of research on the potential effects of ingredients in food and body care products and becoming angry with what I was learning. I wanted to help myself and as many people as possible live healthy lives. The best way to do that was provide green body care products and sharing information through the MASS EDEN Blog. Starting MASS EDEN was more a natural evolution of my efforts and less about starting a for- profit company.


What are your passions?

My passions are around learning about different cultures – art, food, travel, architecture, etc; I’m a hyphenated American. My mother is West Indian and my daddy is American. I was born in Antigua and Barbuda but raised in the states. So, I’ve grown up understanding and appreciating cultural differences within my own family. This has fueled deep needs and wants to understand other cultures. The seed was planted for me to transition into the green beauty space during a trip to Cuba in 2015.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

All people inspire me. Since starting MASS EDEN, I’ve had the great opportunity to chat with 500+ people about their body care habits, products and rituals. I pay attention to what people like and don’t like and use that information to make decisions about the brand. I’ve learned so much and am excited to learn more from new people that I’ll meet on this journey.

What makes MASS EDEN so different than other brands?

MASS EDEN is a green unisex brand specifically for people with sensitive skin; I look for simple ingredients. Many brands declare that they are safe for sensitive skin but contain ingredients that are widely known to cause negative skin reactions. Some of these same brands have packaging and messaging for only a specific segment of the market. Sensitive skin does not discriminate. It affects men and women from all backgrounds and lifestyles – very active to the inactive. So it’s important to me to have a brand that is both inclusive and effective.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about natural beauty products?

In speaking with people, there are two big misconceptions about green beauty. The first is one is that green beauty products are not as effective as mainstream products. The second is based on stereotypes. I consistently hear that green beauty is only for hippies who live in the hills/mountains or people with health issues. I do understand why people believe these things. Historically, they were true. But, technological advancements is improving the efficacy of green products and the shift to health living is widening the scope of the types of people using green beauty.

These misconceptions are the reason for the MASS EDEN tag line “Changing the face of organic beauty.TM” For me, it’s about promoting healthier options that don’t force people to settle on quality or compromise their self identity. So, part of my effort is to help change the perception of the green beauty community.

In the age of the digital world, how important is social media to brands like MASS EDEN?

Social media is critical to MASS EDEN. As a start up, it’s the best way to reach a large audience to create awareness and develop relationships in a short amount of time. Social media platforms remove the veil of secrecy and a lot of the obstacles that historically prevented conversations between brands and consumers. Because of social media, my team can quickly understand the needs and wants of consumers and respond to consumer feedback. This ultimately, speeds up the development and design of both marketing efforts and new product creation. But, most importantly, we’re communicating directly with them and creating solid relationships through words and meaningful images.

The MASS EDEN blog is such a great source for information; why was it important to you to launch a blog with your line?

For me, the blog was really important to start because it’s another way to connect with and satisfy the needs of consumers. Very early in the BETA launch for MASS EDEN, people were sending questions asking about green beauty, the best routines, remedies for problem skin, etc. Answering those questions individually and sending the response to only one person didn’t feel right. I felt that for every one person who asked the question, there are possibly thousands of people in need of this particular answer. So, I quickly started the blog to get the information out to as many people as possible. There was really only about three hours between the thought of starting the blog and launching it. . . the blog has a simple name “MASS EDEN Blog” and simple web address “”.

The blog definitely could have been developed and socialized using marketing tactics to create buzz and hype. But, that would have taken a lot of time – I wasn’t interested in having such a delay. My concern was more about informing the consumers than hyping up the brand. I believe this approach paid off because in the seven months that the blog has been published, it now has thousands of readers across sixty-two countries. I’m truly thankful for each reader and their sharing of the blog with others.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date with MASS EDEN?

Outside of launching the (BETA) for the brand, my biggest accomplishment is going back to school to get an education in cosmetic chemistry. Information learned in this program helps me to have a stronger seat at the product development table and truly understand the ingredients that are in MASS EDEN finished products. Without a background in cosmetic chemistry, I’d be 100% dependent on outside formulators to develop the products. Unfortunately, this can lead to information gaps, misalignment between product and brand ethos and additional homogenous products on the market. I don’t want that for my brand.

As the Founder & Owner for MASS EDEN, it’s important that each finished product has my fingerprint in its DNA. My education makes this “stamp” possible. Pushing myself and broadening the scope of my education (from economics and business) has made the product development process so much more intimate and personal for me.

Do you plan to expand the MASS EDEN line in the future? If so, can you give us any hints at what’s to come?

Absolutely! Right now, MASS EDEN is preparing to close BETA phase later this year. The end of BETA will initiate three things: 1) the re-launch of some of our products with fresher formulations; 2) the phased launch of amazing [unisex] products that will hopefully get people excited about caring for their bodies; and 3) products options that align with the ethos of vegan consumers.

I don’t want to give away too much information. But. . .it’s definitely going to be fun.

Where would you like to see yourself and MASS EDEN at in the next five years?

I have many hopes for me and the brand in the next five years. The first would be to have retail footprint similar to that of the brand blog. I would like for MASS EDEN to be available in large international markets as a means to promote good health and wellness. The second would be to have a fully functional lab facility where we could grow and harvest and engineer a majority of our own ingredients. Product innovation has recently moved in-house so initial development and testing takes place on-site while mass production occurs at an external facility. Having a larger fully functional lab facility would allow for all product functions to be under the MASS EDEN umbrella in one place. The third is for me to continue to be afforded the opportunity to increase awareness about the relationship between our body care (products) and our health. Good health is very important. Quality of life is very important. We take for granted until we don’t have anymore. Sharing my story can be an eye-opener that we have to truly be involved and invested in what’s going on with our bodies. My wish is for less people to be negatively impacted by environmental factors.

Be sure to follow MASS EDEN on Instagram HERE.

20 Products Under $30 That I Love!


As a beauty blogger I get tons of questions daily. One of the most asked questions I get is recommendations for budget friendly products. I know the term ‘budget’ is truly something that varies from person to person. I think that a common medium is about $30 so that is why I chose this price point for this post. I really tried to think of a well-curated group of products that vary from skin care, hair care, and even home fragrance.





Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm by First Aid Beauty (0.34 oz $20) This is fairly new to me but O-M-G…. OMG…. This has not moved from my nightstand since I received it. There is something so nourishing and soothing about this lip balm. It is a very thick balm that feels almost like a lip mask. It is not gooey or glossy. It is just like the most insanely nourishing lip product I have ever used. I apply it before bed and wake up with the most soothed and nourished lips.

Dry Face Mask by Velvet Report (1 mask $12) If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me rave about this (I even did a dedicated blog post on it). If you have dry skin this one is for you. This mask is so special. It leaves the skin so soft and nourished. I also love that you can use it twice! You can use code DIRTYBOYSGETCLEAN15 for 15% off your order!

Ash Candle by Boy Smells (8.8 oz $29) I am always asked for recommendations on affordable but quality candles. Boy Smells is one that I recommend all the time. They are not only picture perfect, but they come in a variety of unique scents and they have an amazing throw! These have a cult following for a very good reason; they’re addictive!

Lait De Coco Candle from Urban Outfitters (6.0 oz $14) This was a spontaneous online purchase last fall that has become one of my favorite candles, EVER. Yes, E-V-E-R. The throw is insanely good. The scent is so sweet but soft. The gorgeous minimalist packaging is also such a great visual.

Rose Enfume Eau De Parfum from Urban Outfitters (1.0 oz $18) I love that UO has come out with their own range of products. These perfumes are so stellar. They come in a wide range of scents, and priced at $18 you can afford to try them all. I feel like affordable personal fragrances get a bad rep. But, these fragrances from UO are a total exception. These would make lovely gifts for anyone (including yourself).




Hydrate Serum by Valjean Labs (1.8 oz $15) This is another spontaneous UO online purchase (and this is my second bottle). I rave about the Valjean Labs serums to everyone. They are affordable and effective. I think that the ideal person to use these would be a young adult starting out their skincare game. I love them and use one or more of them at least once a day. They did just come out with some mists too…. which are amazing also.

Solution by Glossier (4.4 oz $24) *Out of stock until May in the USA* It’s no surprise I love this product. I find that it really helps to smooth out my skins texture, keep breakouts away, and give my face an overall glow. I think this product is more powerful than its been given credit for so do be cautious when first using it.

Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier (6 oz $18) This product has obviously become one of the most popular cleansers since its launch. It is a great basic cleanser, to be honest. Which is not a bad thing. This is the cleanser you can always keep out and reach for when you just want to cleanse. No frills. Just a great cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin. Something we all can appreciate.

Boy Brow by Glossier (0.11 oz $16) This is the only brow product I have ever used. But I do have thick eyebrows that I do not pluck. Ever. And I get so many compliments on my brows. This is the only product I use on them. It tames them and can shape them. I love using the shade Brown just to fill in any areas that may look a bit choppy. They also have a clear version if you don’t want something with any tint.

Glossier You Solid Perfume by Glossier (0.11 oz $22) I think that this was such a genius launch by Glossier. I think that the eau de parfum version ($60) is a big commitment for some people so releasing a more affordable (and travel-friendly) version was such a smart idea. I love that I can literally toss this in my pocket and go. I find that the solid version really has a much more deeper woodsy/amber tone to it than the spray (which comes off more floral and bright).




Mighty Patch by Hero Cosmetics (36 Patches $12.99) These pimple patches are a life-saver. Honestly, they are the only ones that I use. They are a bit pricier than some of the others on the market, however, they are superior. They truly do pull out the gunk from your blemish and keep the blemish from getting infected. I appreciate that they are all the same size (larger). I am nearly out of my current box….. not good!

Eye Cream by Mad Hippie (0.50 oz $19.99) This eye cream was such a lovely surprise. I have been using it pretty much every morning for over a month now. I have found that it is so soothing and moisturizing to the under eye area. I love that it is packed with such lovely ingredients and no unnecessary fillers! The best budget-friendly eye cream I have ever come across for sure.

The After Show Treatment Cleanser by Jordan Samuel Skin (3 oz $20) This is the product I recommend to the person who wants a simple and effective routine. This cleanser is brilliant; it can be used as a cleanser, mask, and exfoliator. Not bad for $20, right? Leaves the skin so soft, supple, and smooth!

Sport Luxe Deodorant by LAVANILA (2.2 oz $16) This is the deodorant I use when I am going to be out and about for a long time. It works. This is the deodorant I can trust to keep me from being wet and stinky, to be honest. I can’t recommend this product enough to people. I am so thankful I discovered it last year!

Handcream 06 ‘CocoVanilla’ by DedCool (2 oz $20) This hand cream is so amazing. I love the scent, the texture, the packaging, and the founder. I also love that it is vegan and cruelty free. The scent is so lovely, very subtle but definitely gorgeous. I love that it does not leave my hands greasy at all, but moisturized.




Goji Tarocco Orange Room & Body Spray by Voluspa (3.2 oz $24) I have been using these sprays from Voluspa for years. They are the best room sprays I have ever come across. I also do use them for personal fragrance as well. I think they are such incredible quality. I highly recommend if you are looking for a product you can use in your home that is effective.

Amber Deodorant Stick by Freedom (1.9 oz $17) These deodorants are so good. I love that they are gentle on the skin; zero irritation. I also think that Freedom has done a great job at making a variety of scents (even unscented), so there is something for everyone! It’s hard to find clean deodorants that actually work; and these do!

Tea Tree & E Antiseptic Creme by DERMAE (4 oz $14.95) This is a product I always have on hand. I find that I reach for this when I get a pimple, cut, scrape, burn, and even just itchy or irritated skin. I also love to use this on my underarms after a shower and before deodorant. It does an amazing job at preventing odor from sweat.

Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel by Sol De Janeiro (13 oz $25) This has been a pleasant surprise for me. I love the texture of this product, its very moisturizing! I also love the scent, it makes me want to go on vacation! I have dry skin so finding a shower product that doesn’t increase dryness is always a plus!

Charcoal Clarifying Conditioner by Hask (12 oz $5.99) This is one of my favorite discoveries in recent months. I picked this up at my local grocery store and have been hooked ever since. It does an amazing job at keeping my scalp clean and clear of dandruff. It has tiny particles in it that act as a light scrub to the scalp. It leaves my hair so clean feeling and healthy looking.




Glossier Lidstar Has Arrived (Yes, the Beyonce’ Grammy Eyeshadow)!

image2 (6)
Image belongs to @dirtyboysgetclean

The day has finally arrived! The newest product launch from Glossier is here! If you want to shop immediately and save 20% on your order just click HERE ! Otherwise, let’s take a sneak peak into LIDSTAR!

LIDSTAR is a glistening eye glow… Or as I like to call them; creamy cosmic eyeshadows! They retail for $18 (save 20% by shopping via my rep link HERE!) They come in six stunning shades including:

  • Fawn (Beyonce’ Grammy shade)
  • Moon
  • Cub
  • Herb
  • Lily
  • Slip
image3 (4)
Image belongs to @dirtyboysgetclean

The product itself comes housed in a Glossier box and then within that it is in a cute little test tube like vial. The application is super easy with a wand and gloss-like brush. You are meant to apply directly to the lid and then tap it out with your finger. LIDSTAR is sheer but builds up nicely. I find that the more you tap it out the more sheer it gets. So, if you want a more solid look just go easy on the tap. I also find that they play well together if you are wanting to use more than one shade– that won’t be an issue.

They do have a sparkle to them that is very fine. There are not any chunks of glitter or anything insane like that. I did have my mom test them out (she is in her 50’s) and she enjoyed them. She felt like the creamy texture was suitable for mature skin, which she appreciated. She used ‘Moon’ as a highlighter and fell in love. My mom also used three of the four shades in one routine, which was gorgeous. She used Moon closest to the lash line and inner eye corners, Slip on the middle of the eye and then Fawn on top. She said they blended in nicely. She did make a note that she didn’t care to use her fingers to do this though because she felt like it was a bit messy and didn’t like her fingers getting ‘messy’. She actually chose to use Q-tips to apply them so that she didn’t get the applicators tainted by mixing them.


Image belongs to @dirtyboysgetclean

Above you can see swatches of the colors (on my very pale skin….. I am testing out various body scrubs so I am not self tanning for awhile).  I did not blend these in or edit the photo so that you can see them in normal light and in full strength. The texture is super easy to blend and does not dry out. I left the swatches on for awhile and they were easily removed with a makeup wipe. I did not notice any smudging or running of the product while it was on my hand.

image1 (15)
Image belongs to @dirtyboysgetclean

I think that LIDSTAR is going to be a big hit with Glossier customers because they’re easy to apply, stunning, and people have been dying for Glossier to release shadows since they launched the company! Are you excited to try LIDSTAR?


January/February Favorites.


I have been asking on Instagram to let me know the topics you want to see on my blog and Instagram and quite a few people have requested I do monthly favorites. Now, I do try out a lot of products so these are not reviews. I think that reviews require a more long term commitment before a review can be done. Some of these items are newer to me and some are not but they were still a favorite for Jan/Feb.

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream (0.5 oz $99) I have pretty much used this as my PM eye cream every single night since I’ve had it. It is so nice for dry skin. I love that there is no scent to it and it sinks in quickly but leaves the skin so supple. Highly recommend if you are looking for a nice nighttime eye treatment.

Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Pads (50 pads $6) These have been staples in my routines for years. I prefer to use them after shaving or if I am having a blemish problem. They look like Stridex pads but you actually rinse your face off after using them. These are super convenient for travel or to toss in your gym bag.

Glossier Solution (4.4 oz $24) It’s no secret I am a big fan of Solution. I have really enjoyed using this and seeing the results. Leaves my skin smooth and brighter. I did a full blog post on this recently so check that out. Also, if you shop via my rep link you can get 20% off your order.

Sigil Scent Balance Ea De Parfum (1.7 oz $90) I mean…what can I say? I have been so obsessed with this fragrance. Described as “Sweetly astringent wild meadows, floating with fingertips tingling over blades of grass, singed flowers, and dried tobacco”, this EDP is seriously unique and equally breathtaking. Big fan! I wonder if the founder is considering making candles….. Just sayin’. Big plus that this is also free of: Phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, propylene glycol.

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume (1.7 oz $72) This product has been a serious go-to this month. I love the scent and it also helps the hair by adding moisture to it, reducing static, and has added UV-Protection. The scent is very fresh and floral: “fruity floral, classically constructed with top notes of litchi and green apple, a heart of peach, rose, and ylang ylang with base notes including patchouli, cedar wood and white musk”. This is definitely a splurge item but so nice to have!

Primary Elements Mineral Deodorant Spray ($22) I have been loving this deodorant. I was unsure about a spray deodorant but it has been working out so well for me. It is aluminum free which is super important. The scent is very earthy and floral. This is a deodorant I reach for on days when I will be at home working. I haven’t tested it out and about all day but I have a different deodorant for those days that I trust.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil (1 oz $72) Obviously if you know me you know I adore this stuff. However, I had been battling some flaking and bleeding (I know!) of my eyelids from a bad reaction and the prescription I got for it only made it worse. I decided to try this oil on it and it healed my eyelids within a few days! So AMAZING!

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment (0.15 oz $26) I am a big fan of Fresh and I was really excited when they recently launched these sheer tinted lip treatments. They give the lip a more prominent color without looking like makeup at all. Very moisturizing and fool-proof!

Fur Stubble Cream (2.5 oz $34) FUR is a super interesting brand and concept. It basically is targeted at pubic hair. Something nobody really talks about, but should. I have been using this Stubble Cream for preventing ingrown hairs (face, body, etc). It has done a great job seeing as how I haven’t had any issues with ingrown hairs since incorporating it.

Hask Charcoal Purifying Conditioner (12 oz $8) Best conditioner I have ever used. EVER. I am so glad Urban Outfitters is carrying this product now! It leaves the hair feeling so clean and light. It has a tiny bit of grain to it which is amazing for those of us who have dandruff! I cannot recommend this product enough. It is actually AMAZING.

R+Co Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo Treatment (5 oz $29) This was sent to me by Urban Outfitters a few months back and I haven’t stopped using it since. I use it 10 minutes before I shampoo my hair (twice a week) and it is just brilliant. It is a foam that you massage into your scalp and hair. It basically is a nourishing mask intended to bring hair back to life with some seriously amazing ingredients such as ; sage leaf, rose hip, nettle leaf, and green tea leaf to name a few.

CelleCle DetoxyClean Cream To Foam Cleanser (5 oz $44) Super unique cleanser here that I have fallen in love with. It has a smooth and creamy clay texture but it does foam a bit when water is added. It also has cotton stem cells in it. I feel like my skin is super clean when I use this and never dry! I think this product is a total hidden gem.

Instytumtum Body Rain Anti-Aging Body Mist (5.28 oz $59 OUT OF STOCK) I have really been enjoying this stuff. I apply it immediately after towel drying off after a shower. I apply it to damp skin and it has been so soothing and moisturizing for my dry skin. It contains things such as vitamin e, vitamin b3, and sweet almond oil. I am down for the body skincare!

Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil (5 oz $42) This cleansing oil is really nice. It goes on so silky smooth and it does emulsify upon adding water. I love how nourishing it feels to the skin. It is packed with some amazing oils such as ; seaberry, camellia seed, cranberry, and Orpheus flower extract. You will definitely see this one in my empties in the future!

Glossier You Perfume Solid (0.14 oz $22) Huge fan of the EDP version of Glossier You and I have been enjoying the solid as well. I think it takes on a different scent than the EDP and I love it. This is perfect for travel and so easy to toss in your pocket or bag on the go.

Kiss Me Honey Exfoliating Lip Polish ($15.99) I think it is super important to take care of your lips. I have many lip scrubs and balms that I love to use. This one is newer to me and I have been enjoying it. It leaves the lips so soft and supple. It will scrub away any dry skin from the lips and make the lips appear more youthful because of that.

Sunday Forever ‘Morning’ Candle (9 oz $36) Sunday Forever candles have recently become one of my favorite candle brands recently. I have been obsessed with them. ‘Morning’ is described as good vibes, sunrise, sea salt, and sage. Very subtle scent upon first sniff but once you light it it really fills the room with the most gorgeous scent.



Glossier Solution


Glossier recently released a new product called Solution. If you don’t live under a rock you’ve probably already heard about it. When you are a mega-brand like Glossier anytime you release a new product it is sure to make an impact. Love it or hate it, you’re going to hear about it and see it on your Instagram feed. As someone who loves acids in my routines I was very interested to try this 10% AHA/BHA/PHA Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment (try to say that 3 times fast….or even once). I must admit that my expectations were rather dull for this release as I feel like I have tried so many incredible acids– and let’s face it, up until now Glossier has really not been known for active skincare like this.

So upon receiving it I immediately incorporated it into my skincare routine that night. I use a weekly acid (Drunk Elephant BabyFacial) and will use Pixi Glow Tonic a few nights a week, etc. I made sure to not use any acids for the week I knew this was coming in the mail. I wanted to see how well it worked. I saturated a cotton round and applied it to my face. Ouch. It burned and made my face immediately red. I was shocked. It didn’t last long at all (5 minutes max) but I was confused. I figured it was the salicylic acid since I am not and never have been a major user of SA. So, I tried it again the next night and found the same results; burned and made my skin red. I took a day off from using it but noticed how smooth and “bright” my skin looked….glossy even? I decided to dilute the cotton round with a thermal water and also spray my face with the same thermal water prior to using Solution. I experienced a significant reduction in the redness and burning. I continued to do this every other day and after about the fifth time there was no longer any burning or redness.

I use Solution about 2-3 times a week at night now and I do not have to dilute it. I do however apply a rose water mist directly over Solution because I am not a fan of the scent. The scent does not last long but I am picky with the scent of products. I do not suffer from acne so I honestly cannot speak on how well it works for acne. What I will say is that I haven’t had any breakouts and I actually have not had any ingrown hairs from shaving since using this either. Another thing I have noticed is a reduction in pore visibility and oil production. I have not seen an increase in dryness; my skin always looks super glossy after using Solution. I think that for the price and product amount its great. I know that many people have voiced that Solution was not for them; and that’s to be expected. We are all not going to get along with the same product. What I will say is be sure to try products for yourself, you can always return if you don’t like it. My suggestion is always to find someone with a similar skin type to yours and go off their reviews more than someone who is “popular” and has a totally different skin type than you do.

If you are new to acids then I would say this probably isn’t the ideal intro into acids in my opinion. I think that Pixi Glow Tonic is super gentle and a great way to introduce an acid into your routine. Go for Solution if you know your skin can handle acids. I am a longtime user of acids stronger than this and I will say that Solution definitely is not weak in my opinion.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the details of Solution (Link below will save you 20% on your order):

Glossier Solution (4.4 Oz $24): “Unlike physical exfoliators that scrape off the surface of your skin, Solution gently sloughs dead cells away through chemical exfoliation, dissolving the bonds gluing problematic dead cells to the healthy skin beneath. With daily use, expect cleared acne and blackheads, smaller pores, and reduced redness. Skin’s texture will be smoother and softer, and the fabled glow of balanced, healthy skin will be in full force. Solution contains a particular 10% blend of three acid actives for maximum efficacy: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA). Acids are your friend.”

Ingredients:  Active Ingredient: Salicylic Acid 0.5%

Inactive Ingredient(s): Aqua/Water/Eau, Sodium Hydroxide, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Gluconolactone, Propanediol, Ethoxydiglycol, Magnesium Chloride, Glycereth-7 Trimethyl Ether, Niacinamide, Betaine, Inositol, Citric Acid, Glycerin, Phytic Acid, Pentylene Glycol, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Parfum/Fragrance, PEG-8, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Acetic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide.

Lactic Acid: AHA that visibly reduces acne and dark spots.

Glycolic Acid: BrighteningAHA that breaks water bonds attaching dead cells to skin, improving tone and texture.

Salicylic Acid 0.5% :BHA that reduces acne and unclogs pores by breaking oil bonds attaching dead cells to skin, and 0.5% of overall formula.

Gluconolactone: PHA that exfoliates while moisturizing and conditioning.

Anti-Stress Complex: Ultra-soothing aloe, hydrating glycerin, and calming niacinamide

My Thoughts: I think that this is a winner from Glossier in my opinion. I think it might not be as straight-forward as the packaging states because I did need to tweak it a bit to work for my skin. I do recommend daily use of this; a few times a night seems to work best for me personally. Always be sure to wear an SPF, especially if using an exfoliant. I would say this is a nice step up from Glow Tonic by Pixi if you’ve been with that for awhile and want to graduate to something with more power. If you have issues with ingrown hair and pores then this would also be a nice option to consider. I do not care for the scent but I get over it with a nice spray of Herbivore Botanicals Rose mist. I am glad to see Glossier branching out into more serious skincare and appreciate the fact that they have made a product that has personally helped my skin look better since that is the motto of the brand; skin first, makeup second.